While AMC’s flagship zombie drama is in full swing, the wait for Season 2 of “Fear the Walking Dead” is getting shorter and shorter. To help fans get excited, the network has been releasing episodes of the teaser web series “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462” early for people that download the official AMC app. 

For those that are unfamiliar, you may have noticed small installments of a story about passengers on a plane during the zombie apocalypse throughout commercial breaks of “The Walking Dead” Season 6. After their debut, they become available on the AMC website for repeat viewing. It was previously announced that one cast member from “Flight 462” will join the cast of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2 when it premieres on April 10. 

The good news for those who can’t wait to see how it all shakes out is that the network makes the new installments of “Flight 462” available several days early for those that want to watch on the official mobile app, and episode 12 was no different. Last week’s clip saw the passengers reach a small degree of calm after locking up their first walker in the bathroom. However, after discovering that there doesn’t seem to be a safe place to land the aircraft, some bad choices were made. 

Episode 12 picks up right where the previous one left off and immediately gets into the action as one passenger makes a horrible mistake. The woman whose husband turned and was locked away finishes saying her goodbyes, only to let her emotions overtake her enough to open the door. As soon as she does, the walker pounces on top of her and removes a giant piece of her throat with his teeth.

Noticing the attack, the air marshal on board draws his weapon and fires. However, he doesn’t yet know that the only way to kill a walker is to shoot it in the head. So, in a panic, he wastes every bullet he has and finds himself on the ground struggling with the monster. Interestingly enough, the mysterious young woman that seems to have read the zombie apocalypse handbook this entire time tries to instruct him to go for the head, but he’s already used his entire clip by then. The episode ends with him struggling and the passengers unwilling or unable to help. 

Episode 12 will air officially on Sunday during “The Walking Dead.” However, if you don’t want to wait that long, you can simply download the AMC mobile app for either iOS, Android or Windows Phone to watch now.