As the wait for Season 2 of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” gets shorter and shorter, the promise of a new cast member joining the show gets even closer. With the web series “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462” back in full swing after the network’s midseason break, all eyes are on the passengers to determine which one will make his or her way to the spinoff show in April. 

Luckily, AMC is gifting fans that download its exclusive mobile app a chance to catch the latest installment in the 16-part storyline before its regularly scheduled release during the "The Walking Dead" episode 11 commercial break. Episode 11 of "Flight 462" takes place after the shocking events of last week’s reveal. There’s a walker on board, a flight attendant was bit and the plane has literally nowhere to land thanks to whatever is going on with the zombie outbreak below. 

After an air marshal tossed the walker into a bathroom and locked the door, the passengers are safe for the time being. As a result, they’re able to deal with the emotional weight of what they’d just seen. In particular, the wife of the man who turned is trying to wrap her mind around why the man she loves is gnarling and banging on the door to get out. She pleads with the air marshal and the young lady that inexplicably knows what’s going on, to let her say goodbye. While the widow takes a second to talk to her husband through the door, one of the passengers finally says what we’re all thinking and asks the young woman how in the world she seems to know everything that’s going on when the rest of them are in the dark.

Sadly, she doesn’t reply, leaving more mystery to be tackled in the remaining five episodes of “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462.” However, with one walker on board, another turning and a widow who seems like she’s about to let grief allow her to make a really dumb mistake, those remaining episodes should be pretty eventful before the plane storyline comes to an end. 

“Fear the Walking Dead” returns April 10 on AMC. You can check out episode 11 of “Flight 462” via the official AMC mobile app now.