Season 1 of “Fear the Walking Dead” ended, but fans have something to hold them over until Season 2 in 2016 – “Flight 462.” AMC released the first installment of the 16-part web series online following the finale.

Watch the clip below:

AMC announced last week that they would be launching their new web series the same night as the Season 1 finale of “Fear the Walking Dead.” “Flight 462” will bring viewers back to the start of the outbreak – but this time up in the air. Fans already know what happened on the ground, however the web series explores passengers on a commercial airplane as they discover that one person among them is infected. At least one person will ultimately survive and join the Season 2 cast of “Fear the Walking Dead.”

The 16-part series adds up to a half-hour special, but viewers will have to tune into Season 6 of “The Walking Dead” every week to watch. Snippets will air during commercial breaks and will be uploaded online following the episode.

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