Frank (William H. Macy) is turning lemons into lemonade during Season 7 of “Shameless.” The Gallagher patriarch’s mission to disavow his children — with the exception of Sammi (Emily Bergl), who isn't around this season — will continue in episode 3, leading him down an interesting path.

After attempting to reclaim his house in episode 2, Frank is back out in the cold with only his few worldly possessions, a new love interest and his street smarts. According to a synopsis for the upcoming episode, titled “Home Sweet Homeless Shelter,” his homelessness will lead him to a nearby facility that houses adults and youth with nowhere to go. Life in the shelter sparks an interesting idea in Frank — rather than simply forget his family, Frank will replace them. The father of seven will gather a bunch of strangers to stand in as Fiona (Emmy Rossum), Lip (Jeremy Allen White), Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and the rest of the Gallagher clan, moving them from the shelter to an abandoned house near his former home.

Meanwhile, Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) is back in the game following a late — and extremely painful — circumcision. He and Dominique will resume sexual activity, though their fun will apparently be short lived. The teen will be faced with a syphilis scare that could cost him. Big brother Ian will also be dealing with girl troubles after learning that his boyfriend Caleb (Jeff Pierre) has been cheating on him with women throughout the duration of their relationship. The news ultimately brings their relationship to an end, which will hit Ian hard in episode 3.

The Gallagher girls will also face their share of struggles. Debbie’s (Emma Kenney) stroller business was booming in episode 2, but a close call left her shaken. In episode 3 her illegal operation will come to a screeching halt, though the reason she closes up shop remains a mystery until Sunday. Fiona has found a new outlet for her frustrations in fleeting online hookups, but the stress will continue to mount. Trying to keep her siblings afloat may push Patsy’s further into the red.

During Season 7, episode 2 — titled “Swipe, F---, Leave” — Frank took Liam (Brenden Sims) under his wing, dragging him into a life of chaos and illegal activity. Together the pair isolate a portion of the Gallagher house for themselves. Never ones to go down without a fight, Fiona, Ian, Lip and the rest of the crew get to work on reclaiming their home by smashing Frank’s new barriers and cutting water to that part of the house. Debbie misses out on the fun as she’s busy hocking stolen strollers online. Her business hits a snag when she attempts to steal a stroller with a crying infant in it. She’s able to ditch the stroller and the kid, but it remains unclear if any of the nearby playground moms took notice of her identity.

Fresh out of rehab, Lip is busy trying to pick up the pieces of his once promising life. Fiona hires him as a dishwasher at Patsy’s, but sexy new hires threaten his sobriety and his vulnerable heart. Lip and his big sister turned boss are invited out for a night on the town, during which one of Fiona’s new waitresses makes a not-so-subtle pass at him. Meanwhile the others are trying to get Fiona back in the dating circle. She signs up for Tinder and within minutes she’s swiping and meeting up with prospective new suitors — all of whom she’s determined to keep at arm’s length.

Ian has returned home and is faced with a choice — accept Caleb’s sexual attraction to women or end it. He tries to see things through his eyes, hooking up with a random girl he meets on the train, but he’s appalled by the experience. He turns to Lip for advice and, in time, decides it’s just not going to work with Caleb. Instead he begins focusing on helping little brother Carl avoid arousal while his circumcision stitches heal.

Next door at Kev (Steve Howey) and V’s (Shanola Hampton) the mother of two and Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter) are working hard to keep The Alibi in business and support their respective children. Kev spends much of his time at home watching the kids while his wives work. He makes a wholehearted effort to be a good stay at home dad, but V and Svetlana grow bothered by his inability to do “traditional” chores around the house. Kev turns to a topless maid service in the hopes that he’ll be able to make both women happy, but finds that they’re not in the business of cleaning at all. This inspires a new business idea for him, pushing him to launch a real topless maids service that provides customers with cleaning services and nudity, but will V and Svetlana be on board?

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