Reverse email lookup services exist to find a particular someone through their email address. Through their email address, one can discover everything about the individual, including both public and personal information.

These lookup services have huge databases, most of which are accessible to the general public. Each application in this list of free email lookup services will present the required data in the form of reports that the user can access to obtain the information.

These services can detect people behind online scams and fraud. Here, we will discuss the 10 best email address lookup services to find someone.

Factors of the Best Reverse Email Lookup

One should look for the following factors when trying to search for the best reverse email lookup service:

  • Accurate and Accessible Personal Details :
    The service must show a significant amount of personal data through email search. This personal data can include identifying the person and should have details such as first name, last name, employment record and other related information. Every result one receives should be accurate and up to date. Moreover, it should correspond with the state records.

  • Superfast Search Results :
    Conventional means to search someone usually takes a lot of time. By the time one receives the results they remain of no use to the person. Email lookup platforms replace such standard methods by offering fast results in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the user only has to enter a simple email address to receive the information.

  • No Data Tracking :
    Normal users remain very reluctant to use online tools to receive any kind of convenience. It is because such platforms store or track the move of their users. A reliable email address lookup service does not monitor the activities of the user on their platform. Moreover, it offers added security to prevent unwanted entities from accessing user data.

  • TruthFinder - The most authentic database to find someone.

  • CocoFinder - A reliable name that is simple to use

  • Instant Checkmate - Easily accessible on all platforms.

  • Intelius - Loaded with powerful email lookup features

1. TruthFinder

When a person is searching for a reverse email lookup platform that is simple to use and effective and accurate, TruthFinder can be the best bet. It helps its user with every aspect of finding and sorting any type of record. It has a pervasive database, all of which is exacted from the records available on public platforms.

Although being publicly available, anyone can access those records. Yet, those records won’t be in systematic patterns or sorted in categories, like TruthFinder. The platform claims to provide all the records by legal means and authentic sources.

The user can easily search through the TruthFinder interface just by inputting the phone number belonging to the targeted person. The information returned by the interface can be email addresses, house addresses, other phone numbers, criminal records, etc. The person can find their desired information quickly, thanks to the vast range of data provided by TruthFinder.

Moreover, the search facility and customer service by TruthFinder are reliable, authentic, and user-friendly. It makes it simple for a beginner to find their long-lost high school friend or carry out a background check about their new employee. The user will also be granted control to remove their information from the public record so that others can’t use it.


  • Detailed analysis and background check

  • Quick and prompt public records

  • Easy to access and simple to use

  • Effective tools to monitor personal records


  • Data sometimes turns out to be outdated

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2. CocoFinder

CocoFinder is among the most reputable reverse email search engines to offer complete information on the other user. It has a massive database that’s not only reliable but also accurate. Its interface is quite simple yet effective.

Additionally, it looks similar to any other search engine, which is easier for beginners or non-technical people to search for whatever they want. The user only needs to enter the information. After that, it’s all CocoFinder’s job to return the related information, complementing the inserted data.

Moreover, the user just has to put in just any name, phone number, or the minimum information they can get about the desired person. After the data is entered in the search tab, the interface matches that particular information with an extensive public information database and gives the relevant result.

Just like lookup tools and platforms, CocoFinder extracts the relevant information through irrelevant means. It is wholly secure and works under strictly lawful policies for information extraction. The user doesn’t have to worry about getting stuck in any legal matter while using its information.


  • An authentic and accurate database comprising an extensive public record

  • Just need a little bit of information to carry out research

  • Periodically updated database


  • Needs longer search time

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3. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a subscription-based people search service that allows users to extract relevant information by entering just the email address. Its interface works to explore the targeted person’s phone number and provides a detailed report with contact information, location information, criminal records, and professional history.

Besides, the service gathers its data entirely from publicly available sources such as public records repositories, social media websites, and information released from private companies. Instant Checkmate bests Google and other search engines to look up long-lost friends, learn more about new neighbors, run a background check on a newly hired employee or an online date.

Additionally, it extracts data from publicly available records and social media platforms, private company resources, and other public sites.

The most interesting thing about this platform is that the developers have created its mobile applications and runs on iOS and Android operating systems for more flexibility.


  • Reliable criminal database with complete analysis report

  • Exceptional customer support

  • Accessible mobile application for iOS and Android


  • Un-informed additional expenses

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4. Intelius

Intelius displays email lookup results with complete accuracy. Regardless of the information the user is trying to seek, if they have any basic detail of the targeted person, including name, phone, or even address, Intelius can give the information from its wide range of databases.

Besides, the interface database has all the different addresses, phone numbers, criminal records, employee records, and other aspects of personal information regarding every individual whose details are publically available.

Usually, different reverse phone lookup tools extract or collect information through public records or through official sources, so the information is often outdated. Intelius uses public records in its database and takes different agency records into consideration at the state, local, and federal levels.

Moreover, other private companies share their employee information with the platform. The reason behind the trusted reputation of Intelius is multiple sources for collecting information. Additionally, the platform provides high-quality authentic information at a budget-friendly price range, making it ideal for most non-technical users looking for platforms under their budget.


  • Authentic information, reliable results

  • Multiple sources ensuring information every time

  • Pocket-friendly subscription


  • Complete features aren’t offered in the trial version

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5. SpyFly

Spyfly claims to achieve the highest BBB rating and is widely considered among the best reverse email lookup sites. It also specializes in providing the highest quality accurate data with high-end sources for the work. They have strengthened their records by aggregating several public records in association with other services offered by them.

Moreover, it provides special service for the members delivering full-fledged contact information for their members. It can be accessed for deep background checks if appointing employees or finding long-lost friends and relatives.

It provides detailed information to its user, including full names, phone numbers, email addresses, residential history, and all the locations registered as per the name or numbers. This information can be concerned with anyone all around the nation. Furthermore, their financial history, judgments about bankruptcies can also be retrieved using SpyFly.


  • Offers detailed reports

  • Easy to use


  • Needs to work on the interface

6. Zabasearch

Zabasearch has been around some time and can provide the required information through an email search. However, where it truly shines is when searching about something through their number. It can locate the owner with all the required details.

Moreover, it claims to have access to specific security searches, enabling employers and managers to perform a background check on their workers. Most of these tools are completely free of cost, making Zabasearch a worthy choice to consider when searching for reverse email services.


  • Multiple search options

  • Reverse number check

  • Extensive sources with high-end database


  • Some features cause problems while working

7. Reverse Phone Lookup

Since it was established, this site has helped several people locate their target person through email address lookups. It’s a reputable name, and since it’s been around some time, it has developed into an effective reverse search service.

However, the site has no option to reverse search through any other means besides the target’s number, making it a little inconvenient to use. However, since the data it provides is accurate, this service earned a spot on this list.


  • Call detection

  • Free of cost search

  • Extensive public records


  • Poor website UI

8. Social Catfish

Many email lookup services offer tools to perform background checks on employees and potential candidates. However, Social Catfish takes a different route. It targets people who try to cheat others out of their hard-earned money, scammers by performing reverse email lookup.

This is an excellent direction to take, and it has paid off too. Users have given it several good reviews due to how it has helped them. The service offers reverse lookup through name, email, username, phone, address, and even images.


  • Easy to use interface

  • Image search


  • Limited results

9. Better Future

Better Future can identify the personal details of the user behind the email address in three easy steps. Managers can use the service to determine if their employees are fit for their organization’s environment, or interviewees can use Better Future to review potential candidates.


  • Free of cost record checking

  • Extensive database

  • Job incorporation


  • Parent company have to be accessed for research

10. That’s Them

For people who want to find out who is behind that email address, That’s Them is the right choice. The service specializes in finding owners of unknown phone numbers and emails. All the user needs to do is input the target’s email address into the user-friendly website’s search bar and wait for the service to bring the results up.

The lookup service not only allows people to search using phone numbers, emails, and names, but a search can also be performed based on IP, VIN, and address. This proves quite convenient for the users as they have several options when searching for someone.

The site claims its search results are also accurate and up-to-date. The searches are free of charge, and a limited number of them can be performed.


  • Accessible and feasible

  • Affordable Several search options

  • Free of charge searches


  • A limited number of searches


Regardless of what someone’s reason is, email lookup services are convenient tools that help people search for the person they are looking for. A lost relative or an old friend, these effective services will bring accurate results in the form of expandable reports.

We have shared all the necessary information on the best reverse email address lookup platforms accessible on all platforms. It will ease up the decision-making process.