CEOs made some big bucks last year.

GMI's annual CEO Pay Survey 2011 was released on Dec. 15, naming 10 of the highest paid CEO for 2010.

The survey, which was first known as The Corporate Library CEO Pay Survey is now in its ninth year. The key findings of the survey show that the:

- Total realized compensation for CEOs in the S&P 500 rose by a median 36.5 percent.

- Total realized compensation for all CEOs in the survey rose 27 percent compared to a 13 percent increase in total annual compensation.

- Three of the 10 highest paid CEOs of 2010 are from the Health Care Providers & Services industry, including the top two.

- Four of the 10 highest paid CEOs of 2010 were retired or terminated executives who received exit packages.

- Perks in the S&P 500 rose 11 percent from 2009 to 2010.

- Three of the five highest paid CEOs of 2010 got single year pension and deferred compensation increases of $14 million.

- More than 70 percent of CEOs received a restricted stock award in 2010 while only 53 percent received stock options.

The 36.5 percent increase in realized compensation is particularly notable when it's put in context of the modest growth of the economy in 2010 and general public company performance last year, Paul Hodgson, chief communications officer and senior research associate at GMI, stated in a press release.

The press release stated that realized compensation includes the total annual compensation, change in pension and non?qualified deferred compensation, value realized in exercising options and vesting of other equity and any payments from a vested retirement plan.

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