For proof of how entirely dominant Apple is in the tablet world, witness the iPad 2 drop in price to $400 and the bewildering BlackBerry PlayBook rise in price to $500. This is but one reason why the reduced price iPad 2 is the best tablet deal around. Even at $500, iPad 2 outsold every other type of tablet combined by a wide margin. Now with an even lower price, there is little reason to pick any other tablet. Of course, $400 is still a lot of money, but besides that, you'd have to be looking for a very specific feature to consider another tablet over iPad 2.

It's super thin, lightweight, easy to use and has a selection of apps tailor made to its large screen size. This makes it sound like there are no other tablets out there to choose from. That's not the case, but for the price, iPad 2 is simply too good to pass up. In fact, there are several tablets out now we are very fond of, but they cost more than even than the new iPad. Besides the new iPad itself, the Toshiba Excite LE is a fine choice that doesn't cost $600, but it can't compete with the $400 iPad 2. Start the slideshow to see why. Let us know in the comments what you look for in a tablet and if you think $300 is more of the sweet spot for tablets.

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