Australian police were confronted with a bizarre crime scene earlier this week: a hole in the ceiling and vomit-like liquid on the floor of a charity store. Their initial theory that a burglar fell through the roof and threw up was proved faulty by a 19-foot python that showed its head days later.

"Its head was the size of a small dog," Police Sgt. Don Auld told the Associated Press on Wednesday. The snake weighed 37 pounds and was captured a day after the suspected burglary at a charity store in store in Ingham, Queensland. He was later released in nearby wetlands.

''We thought a person had fallen through the ceiling because the roof panel was cut in half,'' Auld told the Australian Associated Press. ''When they've hit the floor they've vomited and then staggered and fallen over. That's what we thought anyway.''

Once the python was found, police say it must have fallen through the ceiling ,which was damaged during a cyclone in 2011.

“It was so big and had made such a mess, we thought someone had gone on a bit of rampage,” Auld added.

Broken dishes, clothes and other goods were scattered throughout the store. The vomit-like liquid was in fact, python poop.

'It must have been hiding when we went there the first time,” Auld said.

In May, the longest python ever recorded in Florida was captured, USA Today reports. The 128-pound female was 17 feet, 7 inches long. Jason Leon, the man who caught and killed the snake, spotted it on the side of a rural road in Miami-Dade County.