On Saturday, CBS' "48 Hours" will focus on the "bizarre tale" of Frank and Maria Spencer. The businessman was found dead in July 2012 after a "bitter divorce, arsons at both his mother's and girlfriend's homes and countless threats of harm," states a press release.

In the upcoming episode, "Maria Spencer's Vow to Kill," host Peter Van Sant and the "48 Hours" team will dive deeper into what led up to the gruesome murder.

Investigators confirmed that Frank was shot twice, once with a rifle and once with a handgun, but that a sniper's nest was also located in a wooded area near his Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania home. However, describes the press release, the victim allegedly "foretold his own murder," as there were unique events that led up to the slaying.

In the new installment of the show, senior Deputy Attorney General Tony Forray speaks with CBS News about the incident, asking, "How could all this happen?" He then adds, "If you made this into a movie tomorrow, nobody would believe it actually happened." 

Forray also describes the woman that many immediately suspected. "Maria Spencer to me is a classic femme fatale. An attractive woman, a seductress who, when a man becomes involved with her - this is going to end poorly," he tells Van Sant. 

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Van Sant and an investigator can also be seen returning to the scene of the crime and going inside the home where the crime took place. As the law enforcement official states, it has remained "unchanged since 2012."

As for who was behind Frank's death, Maria and her father, Anthony "Rocco" Franklin, were suspects from the beginning of the investigation. Franklin, who "had a reputation for having ties to the mob," has since spoken about his involvement in an on-camera interview. "If I had beef with Frank Spencer, I'd have broke his face a long time ago," he says. He also adds that his daughter "never hurt nobody."

Saturday night's show will delve into the truth behind the murder as viewers will be able to see interviews with prosecutors, investigators, and those who were closest to Frank.

This episode of "48 Hours" will air Nov. 16 at 10:00 p.m. EST.