The tried and true green bean casserole might be getting a little tired for some Thanksgiving diners. The classic dish-- comprised of green beans, cream of mushroom soup, French fried onions, milk, soy sauce and ground black pepper -- was created in 1955 by Dorcas Reilly at the Campbell Soup Company. She invented the strange concoction from ingredients she thought most Americans had leftover in their pantry, according to Campbell. To help spice up this year’s Turkey Day, five alternative recipes have been shared.

1. Italian Style: Thanksgiving might be an All-American holiday, but it doesn’t mean we can’t pull some influences from the European country. Adding sliced mozzarella and roasted red peppers can make the dish pop. The red, white and green colors pay homage to Italy. Check out this recipe from

2. Green Bean Poutine: Poutine is typically made by slathering a mound of French fries with gravy and white cheese, but that doesn’t mean green beans can’t be substituted for potatoes. While it’s not exactly healthy, nor is it technically a green bean casserole recipe, diners might enjoy the yummy flavors. Try out this green bean poutine recipe from Closet Cooking.

3. “Diet” Green Bean Casserole: While the holidays are normally a time to indulge in a little over-eating, not everyone looks forward to loosening their belts. For people who are looking out for their waistlines, or just want to stay healthy overall, a light green bean casserole recipe could be the best option. This recipe on Eating Well with low-fat milk and reduced-fat sour cream will still provide flavor but have fewer calories.

4. Vegan Green Bean Casserole: While the star of Thanksgiving is the turkey, not everyone is a meat lover. What better to show the vegans and vegetarians at your dinner that you care than by providing a dairy and meat-free option? The fresh vegetables and vegan-friendly ingredients in the recipe by Minimalist Baker could be the dish that pleases everyone.

5. The Original: For those who aren’t sick of Reilly’s original creation, the classic recipe of Campbell’s Kitchen can still be made. Follow the recipe here.

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