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As smartphones have developed better and more vibrant cameras, you will never miss a precious moment or a rare sighting whenever you are outdoors or at some of the best locations around. Some nature loves will want to keep looking over the woods for a great view of nocturnal birds and other animals without disturbing them in their natural environment. Some monocular telescopes that help you see better in the dark now feature compatibilities that fit your phone, and you can capture those moments form the comfort of your device.

Spot your favorite bird or small mammal on the forest floor at night, when they're most active, and save those memories in great detail with these five must-have monocular telescopes with night vision that you can use with your phone camera.

1. Schine Monocular Telescope
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Schine Monocular Telescope offers a full 12X magnification and a 50-mm object lens diameter for the best views during your outdoor adventures. its water-, dust-, and shockproof design are perfect for any water and its rubber armor keeps it from slipping out of your hand. A slip-proof adaptor can hold your phone firmly over the eyepiece to record every sighting you see during your escapade, even during the night.

2. VFunix Monocular Telescope
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VFunix Monocular Telescope lets you enjoy the perfect outdoor view up to 360 feet away for a crystal clear image in the day and night. Take it with you on your camping, bird watching, or hiking activities easily with an ergonomic design perfect for singlehanded focus that is compatible with almost every smartphone available.

3. UNEGROUP Monocular Telescope
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UNEGROUP Monocular Telescope comes with a phone adaptor and stable tripod to make your photos of the great outdoors look like they were taken by a professional. Capture high-quality images and videos with multi-layer coated lenses and BAK4 prisms that provide brighter, clearer images in the day and dusk. Adjust the focus easily with an easy-to-use focus wheel for comfortable viewing.

4. Vabogu Monocular Telescope
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Vabogu Monocular Telescope offers a great magnification of up to 1,000 yards so that you can enjoy the scenery and wildlife during an adventure with Mother Nature. It features the latest in optics technology. This HD monocular telescope has low-light-level night vision to help you keep up with your scenery even as the night falls, perfect for the brave adventurer hoping for a glimpse of rare animals.

5. Hmount Monocular Telescope
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Hmount Monocular Telescope offers a full 16X magnification on a powerful monocular lens with a large field of view, allowing you to take in the scenery with ease at a distance. Transmit up to 99.5% of all light for an amazing viewing experience with its optics technology that can be recorded on your phone with a tripod and smartphone adapter.