• The battle was the turning point for WWII.
  • Over 29,000 lives were lost and countless more were wounded.
  • The U.S. and Germany stand as allies today.

75 years after the Battle of the Bulge, the United States, its allies, as well as their former adversary Germany came together for a common cause. They honor and pay respects to the men who fought so gallantly in one of the worst battles in history. This particular battle broke the back of the Nazi forces and turned the tide of the war in favor of the allied forces.

A report by Military Times shows that the once bitter enemies came together as a group to offer a message of hope by honoring the fallen on all sides. Almost three-quarters of a century later the U.S. and Germany are very strong allies and the lessons of the past help strengthen that bond.

During the ceremony, it was pointed out that the U.S. and its allies were able to vanquish the destructive forces from Europe, which includes Germany. When the Nazis fell from power Germany was also liberated from a form of bondage that came from within. The forces of hatred and disgust were removed and have never returned.

German troops at Battle of the Bulge wikicommons

It would be easy to rehash the tales of heroism and pure guts that shaped that battle it takes a strong mind even 75 years later to look beyond the bloodshed and see that in the end the ultimate goal has been reached. The battle that claimed the lives of over 19,000 allied soldiers and 10,000 German soldiers could have swung the war in either direction.

There is enough hatred in the world even today with extremism and terrorism running rampant in some portions of the world. The willingness and ability of countries who used to be bitter enemies to come together to honor all of the people that fought with honor is a true gesture of thanks that provides a light of hope for the rest of humanity.