An 8-year-old Laurel, Maryland, boy achieved his goal of raising a minimum of $25,000 for earthquake victims in Nepal. Neev Saraf decided to donate the money on his birthday, which falls on May 24. He met his goal well in advance via a crowdfunding page.

The boy's father, Prakash, said his son has a habit of donating all the money in his piggy bank to a charity -- the Salvation Army or a homeless shelter -- every year on his birthday. When he heard a 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, he immediately asked his father to let him donate $384 in his piggy bank for the earthquake victims.

When Saraf gave his consent, Neev decided to contact other family members and friends to see if they would like to donate as well. The elder Saraf said the boy raised nearly $4,000 in a single day, and this inspired the father to take his son's effort to a higher level.

Saraf decided to contact the American Nepal Medical Foundation, with whom a crowdfunding page was established to raise funds across the globe. American Bazaar reported Neev raised nearly $18,000 in the first three days of the fundraising campaign. The campaign had raised $27,276 as of Tuesday, 109 percent of the original target of $25,000.

“I’m really glad to do this fundraiser because it’s helping my culture. I’m really depressed because a lot of people in Nepal have died and about 8 million have no shelter. I’m trying my best to raise up to $25,000 to save Nepal and save those with no shelter,” Neev said in a telephone interview with American Bazaar.

The devastating earthquake struck April 25, killing nearly 7,000 people and leaving thousands homeless or injured. In addition, the nearly 8 million people were in need of food, water, medical facilities and shelter.

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