The boy rapper behind “Pull Ya Pants Up” has created a video in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn. “Stop Da Violence” by Amor “Lilman”Arteaga is dedicated to the 26 victims of the horror.

Amor “Lilman” Arteaga, a 9-year-old who is in elementary school himself, was spurred to create a song dedicated to stopping gun violence, reports the New York Daily News. Lilman, in fourth grade, is famous for “Pull Ya Pants Up,” a video dedicated to cleaning up one's image.

In “Stop Da Violence,” Lilman is seen walking the streets of Broolyn and is soon joined by other elementary school students urging people to “put the guns down.”

Arteaga was already working on “Stop Da Violence,” but after Sandy Hook, included a tribute to the Newtown victims, reports the Daily News. With the help of his father, Juan Arteaga, he got the video posted to YouTube on Saturday.

For Amor and his father, gun violence is a part of their daily lives, making the shooting at Sandy Hook even more personal. Speaking of creating the video, Juan Arteaga told the Daily News, “We felt it was the right thing to do. He’s a child who is talking about stopping gun violence. And so many little kids were affected by this.”

Amor also commented about gun violence, saying he frequently encountered shooting in East Flatbush.

City Councilman Jumaane Williams makes a cameo appearance in “Stop Da Violence.”

“Little kids are being shot. And this kid is doing this video. I am flabbergasted that we have to struggle to fix this,” he said.

You can watch Amor “Lilman” Arteaga's “Stop Da Violence,” below.