• "Genshin Impact" to celebrate its first birthday in September 2021
  • Several leaks reveal details about the supposed Anniversary event
  • As per rumours, miHoyo would introduce Lumine as main protagonist in the game

Following the huge update miHoYo rolled out a few days ago, "Genshin Impact" fans are now excited about another major event -- the game's anniversary update. While the developer has not yet announced anything related to the event, the latest leaks may have offered details on what to expect at the game's first birthday celebrations.

"Genshin Impact" was released on Sept. 28, 2020, and although miHoYo has not yet announced the date of the supposed anniversary event, it is believed that it's likely to happen on Sept. 28.

Industry insider Genshin Report recently shared some exciting details about the much-awaited event. According to them, miHoYo has big plans for the game's first birthday.

The insider revealed that the content is "way more than just a banner update and festival and there will be many free Primogems." It is anticipated that the upcoming anniversary event would give players a free character, introduce a new character or a rerun of a 5-star character. Another rumor claims that starting with the anniversary this year, miHoYo would start portraying Lumine as the protagonist in the game.

Character Demo - "Kamisato Ayaka: Camellia in Winter Snow" | Genshin Impact
Although Ayaka has long since mastered the Kamisato Art Tachi Jutsu, she continues to persevere in her practice. YouTube Screenshot/Genshin Impact Official YouTube Channel

The insider wrote on Twitter, "There was an imbalance during year one, which mostly featured Aether as the hero and Lumine as the villain."

Based on the recent leak, it now looks like this is going to change during the much-awaited event. "This doesn’t mean more Aether. There will just be a greater balance of the two in year 2," they explained in a follow-up tweet.

Other rumors claimed that miHoYo's next major event would focus on Keqing and Ganyu, the two most important personalities in Liyue. Fans could also expect cosmetic items related to Keqing and Ganyu, some new weapons, a massive drop in artifacts and level-up materials in the game's first birthday celebrations. However, since all of these details are unofficial, fans should temper their expectations and consider this information as highly speculative.

Even though it is not yet confirmed what miHoYo is planning for the game's first birthday, fans believe the gaming studio is preparing something big that might exceed any content it has released or filler events it has introduced so far in "Genshin Impact."