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Everyone wants to live in a comfortable and luxurious environment that matches their personalized and unique tastes. Real estate developers work hard to see that they provide their clients with the most prestigious and comfortable living environments. Abraj Bay is a luxurious real estate developer that has consistently worked towards this goal and provided the most distinctive, exceptional real estate amenities. Having the most luxurious facilities, amenities, and services is not enough if they are not accessible to everyone, but Abraj Bay has made it possible for families to access these services more easily.

Abraj Bay
Abraj Bay Abraj Bay

Abraj Bay has already made a name for itself in the real estate industry. It is an award winner of two five stars as the best residential development in the Arabia & Africa regions by the International Property Awards 2022–2023. In 2021–2022, the luxurious real estate developer won 3 awards for the Best Property Video and Rising Star Gold Tier in addition to Best Developer Platinum Tier by the Property Finder Awards. In the coming years, they want to keep raising their flag higher; by the end of this year, they will be nominated to be ranked among the global winners of the International Property awards.

Environments that provide tranquility and satisfaction are many families' dreams, and they will only go for real estate developers who can achieve these priorities. Abraj Bay is in the lead to ensure they deliver their clients' comfort and luxury; they provide amenities that are inclusive of spas and hair salons, padel courts, BBQ areas, swimming pools, outdoor and indoor kids' play areas, restaurants, and coffee shops to make sure they provide excellent and exceptional luxury living environments.

With the current rise in technology, many people want to access services in the comfort of their homes. To help achieve this, Abraj Bay has developed an app that has made it easy for people to access services from any location. The dedicated mobile app provides booking, signing, renewals, a car wash service, water delivery, concierge, and free valet, all encompassed in the app.

The luxurious real estate developer has experienced several hurdles, with the main challenge being the changing laws from the Ministry of Municipality Affairs and Urban Planning. Abraj Bay got the approval to use its design and to combine four land parcels into two while maintaining compatibility with the rest of the buildings in the master development. The building permits were awarded, and after securing these permits from the Master Developer property development team, the law changed, and they had to go through the process again. This posed a challenge to source all the materials for the project locally, so they had to source from other countries, making timely procurement an issue. COVID-19 also played a significant role in slowing down the progress of the project.

The diligence and devotion that the Abraj Day real estate developers have put in to provide high-quality living for future generations have seen them become the most iconic and sought-after real estate developers. They aspire to be pioneers and leaders of luxurious real estate recognized not only regionally but globally. There is no doubt that Abraj Bay is undoubtedly making a name for itself in the real estate world.