The Grammys won't be the only place where Adele's voice will be making a comeback on Sunday.

The Rolling in the Deep chanteuse -- who was forced to cancel her U.S. tour in October due to a hemorrhaged polyp on her vocal cord -- will appear on 60 Minutes on Sunday prior to the Grammys to discuss her injury and subsequent recovery with Anderson Cooper.

One of the most troubling aspects of her impairment? It left her unable to curse. Luckily, the miracle of modern technology came to the rescue.

“I ... had an application on my phone that you type the words into it and then it speaks it,” Adele reveals during the segment. “But the great thing is I love to swear. Most of [the apps] you can’t swear on, but I found this one app where you can swear, so I’m still really getting my point across.”

While the singer -- who had laser surgery to remove the polyp -- tells Cooper that she has renewed confidence in her singing after undergoing the procedure, she does admit to be wary of pushing her voice too hard for fear of a relapse.

“If I decide to go on a 200-date world tour, it would happen again, the singer notes.