• Adrienne Bailon lost 20 pounds
  • She revealed her secret online
  • Her next live video will be about cooking

Adrienne Bailon is using this time during the lockdown to stay fit and healthy. After struggling with her weight management issue, she has finally found the secret to lose weight and make sure that she doesn’t gain it back later. The singer and actress recently shared a sexy bikini picture online and shared what she has learned after losing 20 pounds.

Bailon flaunted her sexy figure and toned abs in a selfie video on her Instagram page recently. Although the singer looks sexy in the post, she revealed that she has had problems in managing her weight for a long time, and it is only now that she has been able to make changes in her life that should keep her fit. She is also confident that she will not gain weight in the future.

One of the problems with Bailon’s previous weight loss routines was that she was using dieting techniques instead of making permanent lifestyle changes. The singer has realized her mistake and is determined to keep her figure after losing 20 pounds.

In 2019, Bailon decided that she “had enough” and decided to “really make changes.” She started a plant-based diet and the results are there for everyone to see. The singer accepted that it has been hard at times, but she has been consistent with her self-discipline.

After achieving her weight loss goals, Bailon wants her fans also to stay fit and healthy. She asked her followers on Instagram to drink plenty of water, take vitamins, eat veggies, exercise, read and pray regularly. The singer pointed out that it takes 21 days to form a new habit and she encouraged her fans to try it.

Bailon recently shared another sexy picture of herself after taking a shower on Instagram. The photo shows her in a bathrobe, holding a hot beverage in her hand. The singer had a live chat on social media and plans to continue to engage with the fans despite the lockdown.

In another post on Instagram, Bailon shared a set of photos of her in her bathrobe. She announced that her next live video will be about her cooking.

Adrienne Bailon wedding shower
Adrienne Bailon had her wedding shower during the weekend. Pictured: Bailon at the Autism Speaks “La Vie En Blue” fashion gala in Burbank, California, on Sept. 29, 2016. Getty Images