Though online e-commerce looks well-oiled and functioning without a hitch, not everything is perfect, and many participants, especially smaller ones, are not happy. On the one hand, online retail giants like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and a few others, open up immense opportunities for sellers worldwide. But, on the other hand, they stifle their growth and prevent them from reaching their full potential, taking a disproportionate cut of the sales price and even advertising competing products at the seller’s expense.

Aharon Bernal
Aharon Bernal Aharon Bernal

For those, like the founder and mastermind of Safex.Market Aharon Bernal, who sold a lot of wares on Amazon over a number of years, finding a viable and more equitable alternative became a life’s goal. Rather than trying out the few available options, he decided to take the matter into his hands. Bernal came out with a unique solution in the form of a decentralized market platform based on blockchain technology and using proprietary cryptocurrency for payments. As a result, Safex.Market is now a fully functional one-of-a-kind crypto marketplace to trade in physical goods.

Whereas Amazon’s organizational structure mostly benefits Amazon itself at the sacrifice of its sellers and holds sellers in a disadvantaged position and often unsure of the future of their business on Amazon, Safex.Market is bringing confidence and ensures growth. Almost negligible entry costs to online trade and low product listing fees allow participants to increase their sales exponentially.

Bernal declares that the platform’s mission is “to create a healthier transaction that facilitates trust and relationship between buyers and sellers as well as independence for sellers.”

The new marketplace puts an end to another problem. Quite often, merchants experience significant late payments from large marketplaces, on the contrary, Safex.Market that relies solely on SafeXcash ($SFX), its proprietary cryptocurrency, and no fiat money offers instant settlements.

Having built the first crypto-based marketplace for trading in physical goods, Bernal has ensured the long-needed symmetry of interests of all sides involved and created a relationship between sellers and buyers based on trust guaranteed by blockchain technology. Given Safex.Market’s apparent advantages over existing marketplaces, Bernal’s goal of making the platform available in over 100 countries, reaching $100 million worth of goods for sale by the end of 2022, and making e-commerce more ethical and equitable looks realistic.