The Brazilian Air Force confirmed Saturday evening the recovery of two bodies, a AF 447 flight ticket in a briefcase, and other part of the aircraft's wing among other debris from the Air France crash site.

The bodies of two men were recovered about 530 miles northeast of Fernando de Noronha Island, the Air Force and Navy said in a statement.

Rescue teams from Brazil and France have been scouring a remote area of the Atlantic since the Air France flight carrying 228 people disappeared as it travelled between Rio de Janeiro and Paris.

The cause of the crash remains unclear; however an automated error message from the flight deck pointing to discrepancies in airspeed data is among a handful of clues available so far to experts investigating last week's crash of an Air France A330 in an Atlantic storm that killed all occupants on board.

The crash of flight 447 is the world's worst commercial air accident since 2001, and Air France's deadliest plane crash.