Alaska governor Sarah Palin rejected $28.6 million from the federal government's stimulus package destined for the State Energy Program because she said Alaska has conditions that are not conducive to a federally mandated universal energy code, she said.

A total of $930 million from the stimulus package has been allocated for Alaska. Among the funds that Palin accepted were $28 million for home weatherization and energy-efficiency programs.

In this case, one size does not fit all, Palin said in a statement on April 28.

Government can certainly help with energy challenges, and I look forward to working with the legislative energy committees over the interim to determine the state's role in defining and implementing energy solutions. However, mandating universal energy building codes throughout our state is not in Alaskans' common or individual interests, Palin said in the statement.

Governor Palin was the only one not to sign a letter addressed to the Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu to announce an intention to act in accordance to the policies tied to the funds for state energy offices, said Benjamin Deitchman of the National Association of State Energy Officials, the New York Times reported.