Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone
Check out the leaked video/photos of the alleged Lumia 1020 successor, also known internally as the Lumia McLaren. Reuters

Nokia introduced the Lumia 1020 handset way back in 2013, and it was an instant hit. This Windows Phone smartphone used to be photography enthusiasts’ dream device, as it features a super cool 41 MP rear-facing camera, accompanied by a large sensor. Design-wise, it almost gives the look of a digital camera and yet, it does not come with a brick-like thick design. Needless to say, many customers are enthusiastically waiting for the successor to the well-received Lumia 1020. But now, a new video of the successor tied to the code name “Nokia Lumia McLaren” has been uploaded, showing the device like never-before.

The Lumia 1020 successor, also known as Nokia/Microsoft Lumia McLaren, has been a constant source of target for leaked images, renders and concept videos. Even though there was a news report about the possible cancellation of the device, Microsoft has not confirmed any such information thus far. In the meantime, here is a new video of the Lumia McLaren that shows the device in working state. Unlike any other leak, this video sheds light on the key features of the alleged device, notes Phone Arena.

Going by the leaked video and photos uploaded in Baidu, the Chinese web services company, the Lumia McLaren willy flaunt an experimental 3D Touch navigation system. Phone Arena says the new 3D Touch navigation mechanism will offer the capability to let the device user interact with the live tiles, without the need to touch the screen. Speaking of the rumored cancellation of the device, reports say, the insecurities surrounding the “developer adoption” of the new mechanism and several “hardware incompatibilities,” predominantly due to the touch-less interaction system, made Microsoft axe the alleged project.

The manufacturer has not confirmed the cancellation or existence of the alleged device. Meanwhile, interested readers can check out the leaked photos from Baidu. Plus, here is the brand new Nokia/Microsoft Lumia McLaren video showcasing the beautiful device: (Credit: YouTube/WMPowerUser)