Check out the alleged configuration details of the Samsung Galaxy S7, leaked via a presentation slide. Phone Arena

The Samsung Galaxy S6 successor is all set for February launch. In the upcoming MWC 2016, many such flagship devices will be introduced and the long-rumored Galaxy S7 with top-of-the-shelf configurations is expected to make a huge impact. Specifications and features of the S7 have been rumored time and again, but this time around a presentation slide has leaked, giving out key details.

An anonymous source claiming to be a Samsung employee apparently shared a photo of the Galaxy S7 with Phone Arena. The image shows what looks like an internal presentation slide comparing the Galaxy S7 with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S5.

If the photo attached above is genuine, this is the first time we are seeing an official image or at least, a placeholder of the Galaxy S7. Needless to say, the device looks much-better than the predecessors. Plus, it looks relatively narrower and the bezels seem to be lesser, giving a solid look to the flagship.

Going by the image, the Galaxy S7 specifications will include a 5.1-inch display and 1440p screen resolution. Speaking of camera configuration, as rumored earlier, the same 12-megapixel BRITECELL camera has been listed, along with a solid 4 GB of RAM.

Under the hood, this handset will apparently come powered by both Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 and Samsung’s own Exynos 8890 chipsets, based on the region of release. This hardware specification is also in-line with the past rumors.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S7 recently made a visit to a couple of benchmark testing sites, giving out other important specifications. The front-facing camera unit will reportedly house a 5-megapixel sensor for selfies. On the software front, it will run Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS, straight out of the box.

This device will come equipped with 64 GB of built-in storage space. Many rumors in the past have vouched for the comeback of microSD card slot. In any case, benchmark sites usually do not confirm such details.

However, readers are advised to take the reported Galaxy S7-related details with a pinch of salt as the company has not confirmed any information thus far.