Amal Clooney
Rumors about Amal Clooney and George Clooney heading for a split debunked. In Picture: George and Amal Clooney attend the People’s Postcode Lottery Charity Gala at McEwan Hall on March 15, 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Getty Images/Duncan McGlynn

Amal Clooney And George Clooney are “headed for a split,” according to rumors. A tabloid story about the couple has claimed that the two celebrities have been fighting for months, and things have deteriorated so much that they will have to go their separate ways. The truth, however, is very different from what has been reported.

According to a recent tabloid story, George and Amal have been having “nasty arguments” for months. The story cited anonymous “friends” of the couple as saying that the relationship between the two celebrities is “irrevocably broken.”

A “source” close to the couple reportedly said that Amal and George “can’t agree on anything” and they are both “very frustrated.” “It won’t be long until their marriage crashes and burns,” the insider said. The two celebrities had one of their “worst fights” recently after they purchased a getaway home on the Island of Sardinia, Italy.

One of the reasons Amal and George are fighting, according to the supposed insider, is that the actor is “reverting” to his old ways of “partying” and going out on trips with his friends. The tabloid story suggested that the actor has been ignoring his wife and children.

Another reason the story cited was the difference in their personality. George is a Hollywood star and a “bachelor at heart,” while Amal is a “ straight-laced lawyer who’s left with the brunt of the work at home.”

As a consequence of George’s “partying” ways and the supposed difference in their personalities, Amal has left their home in England and moved into their new home in Sardinia, Italy.

Such stories about Amal and George are not new, and they have been debunked before. The couple, for example, never bought any property in Sardinia, Italy. There was another story about the lawyer leaving her husband and going to this new home they supposedly purchased, but the actor’s spokesperson debunked that story as false, Gossip Cop reported.

There have been many stories about Amal and George heading for a split, but the couple has proved these stories wrong time and again by attending public events together and showing affection in public.

Amal and George have been attending public events, and they recently met with Prince Charles during The Prince’s Trust Dinner at Buckingham Palace in London, People reported.

Amal and George have also been using heir fame to promote social causes. The couple recently said that they want to use their star power to help women, children, LGBT+ community, religious minorities and journalists across the globe, Reuters reported.