Empire State Building viewed with Dynamic Perspective Business Wire

The much-speculated 3D capability of the Fire Phone by (NASDAQ: AMZN) is now confirmed.

In order to bring 3D functionality to life, the Fire Phone includes four exterior cameras and a feature called Dynamic Perspective, which changes the view of the picture as you move the phone around. The four cameras can be found on each corner of the Fire Phone; they are positioned so that no matter which way the device is turned, at least two cameras will be functional. These cameras come in addition to the two main cameras on the Fire Phone, its 13-megapixel rear camera and 2.1-megapixel front camera, which gives the Fire Phone a total of six cameras.

The exterior cameras and Dynamic Perspective provide 3D imaging for map applications, web browsers, and e-Books, to name a few. At the Amazon Fire Phone press event in Seattle on Wednesday, demonstrations of how Dynamic Perspective shows a 3D image of the Empire State Building from an aerial view within a maps application; the perspective makes it look like the building is sticking out of the phone, which can change as the device is moved around.

Viewing womens' dresses on a shopping website; Dynamic Perspective allows a user to move the device around to sift through different dress options. Pulling up a news article in a web browser, Dynamic Perspective allows a user to tilt their device up or down to scroll up or down the page, similar to the function of the Smart Scroll feature on devices by Samsung Electronics Co. (KRX:005930). The scrolling function also works with e-Books.

Dynamic Perspective can be utilized with several apps, including email, calendar, photos and music player apps. It can also be utilized for mobile video games on the Fire Phone, as images can easily project in 3D.

According to Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, the key to this 3D technology is the device knowing where the user's head is at all times. The four tracking cameras also include infrared light, which allows them to continue their tracking precision in the dark.

The Dynamic Perspective software development kit (SDK) will also be available for developers to create their own applications based on this technology.

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