• Amazon's Fire Tablets are very affordable
  • They don't feature high-end specs, however, and can be slow compared to other tablets
  • There are some ways to boost the Fire Tablet's performance

Amazon's Fire Tablets are some of the best-selling tablet devices in the market today. This is largely in part because of their low selling prices. The cheap cost, however, shouldn't make anyone think that they will feature high-end specs and perform at top speeds.

With that said, there are some ways that Amazon Fire Tablet users can boost their device's performance. Here are a few ways to do that, courtesy of the folks over at Android Police.

  • Turn Alexa Off

Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant, might be very helpful to some, but its functions will come at a cost. By turning Alexa off, users can enjoy longer battery life and even better performance. Users can turn the voice assistant off by launching Settings, selecting Alexa, then switching Alexa off.

  • Uninstall Unneeded Apps

Apps are useful, but they will only serve to eat up precious space that can be used for memory and storage. Users should go over the list of apps they have downloaded and installed, choose the apps they don't really need, and delete it.

  • Clear Cache Partition

Wiping the tablet's cache partition clean can be expected to result in faster performance the moment it's done. The cache stores temporary data that, when deleted, gives the Fire Tablet more room to do things. This process isn't normally done, but doing it on devices that have been in use for some time will help them perform better. Here's how to do it:

  • First, shut the tablet down.
  • Second, once it's shut down, users should press and hold the power and volume down buttons.
  • Third, once the Amazon logo appears, users should let go of the power button. The volume button has to be held down until the recovery screen menu appears.
  • Fourth, once the recovery screen menu appears, users should navigate to "wipe cache partition" then press the power button to select it. Users will be required to confirm their selection.
  • Fifth, after wiping the cache partition, users should turn the device off by navigating to power down, then then the device back on again by pressing and holding the power button.

These are but some of the ways to boost the performance of a Fire Tablet. Stay tuned for more.

amazon fire tablet 7 Amazon introduces new Fire Tablets. Photo: Amazon, Business Wire