• Amazon's Fire Tablets are very popular mainly due to their low price
  • These tablets, however, have Amazon's Appstore instead of Google's Play Store
  • There's a way to install Google's Play Store on a Fire Tablet

Amazon's Fire Tablets are very popular for the right reasons, foremost of which is their cheap price. These tablets normally cost less than the ones that run on Android. That said, these tablets might be cheap, but they don't have the convenience of having Google's Play Store installed.

Fire Tablets come with the Amazon Appstore, which is pretty logical because they're made by Amazon. Those who want to enjoy the vast library of apps and services that Google has to offer, however, can do so by installing the Play Store.

Here's how to install Google's Play Store on a Fire Tablet.

First things first

Before attempting to do anything, users should remove the microSD card in their devices (if any). Failure to remove this before installation can lead to problems that will require users to redo everything from the start.

After removing the microSD card, users will then need to enable apps from unknown sources to be installed on the device. This is done by launching the Settings app, tapping on Security & Privacy, and turning the switch for Apps from Unknown Sources on.

Getting serious

Now here's where it gets serious. Users will need to download the proper APKs for their specific devices, then install them in the right order.

Users will need to download APKs for Google Account Manager, Google Services Framework, Google Play Services and the Google Play Store, then install them in that exact order. The APKs can be downloaded here as per Android Police, which has an excellent step-by-step tutorial on installing the Play Store in a Fire Tablet.

Once the apps have been installed, users will need to hold the power button down, tap on “OK” to turn the device off, then turn the device on again. Once the device is up and running, users should try launching the Play Store from the screen to see if it is working, or if they'll need to do the same thing again from the start.

Again, those who want to install Google's Play Store on their Fire Tablets should keep in mind that each Fire Tablet model requires specific APKs to work. These APKs need to be downloaded via the Silk browser.

amazon fire tablet sale Amazon Fire Tablet Photo: Amazon