Social networking sites Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr have been flooded with unverified rumors suggesting that Amber Cole -- the 14-year-old schoolgirl videotaped performing oral sex on her classmate -- may have committed suicide.

Even as controversy surrounding the legality of sharing and watching Amber Cole's video continues, a second video, titled Leave Amber Cole Alone has gone viral, with a view count of over 300,000 within a day of uploading.

While no one has yet been able to determine who Amber Cole really is, reports suggest she performed the sexual act, in the open, for a pair of shoes.

Netizens and bloggers are voicing their concern for the girl involved in the video and have alleged that it contains child pornographic material and sharing it could, potentially, be a criminal act.

The person or persons responsible for uploading the video haven't been identified, and the date and time at which the video was recorded remains unknown.

Meanwhile, numerous new Facebook and YouTube accounts with the name Amber Cole are being created, with one of many Amber Cole Facebook pages garnering about 17,000 fans.

It has been alleged that the girl in the video was unaware of the camera while performing the act. Social networkers, many of them parents, have called upon the Internet community to refrain from abusing the teenager in the video and to stop victimizing anyone who happens to have the name Amber Cole.

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