On-again, off-again celebrity couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are apparently back on, and making their relationship public this time around.

According to the NY Daily News, Depp, 49, and Heard, 27, who were first spotted together last year before splitting up, were seen together again holding hands at a Rolling Stones concert at the Echoplex in Los Angeles on Friday night.

Rumors that the “Rum Diary” co-stars were heating things up again first appeared in the National Enquirer,  along with allegations that Heard had “hit Johnny with an ultimatum: ‘Go public with our romance or its over!” However, those reports were initially treated with skepticism until the arrival of photos of the couple looking cozy together at the Stones concert.

According to the Enquirer’s report, Heard “even went back to her les­bian lover for a while, and now Johnny is frantically talking to his team about the best way for them to ‘come out’ as a couple.” Adding further fuel to the fire, the tabloid also alleged that Winona Ryder was scrabbling to “orchestrate a hook-up” with Depp.

“Amber has been at Johnny to go public since the beginning of the year,” the Enquirer’s source said. “When he balked, she walked out on him and went back to Tasya [Van Ree], and Johnny totally freaked out! Am­ber’s become the major organizer of his crazy world and he couldn’t cope without her. He bombarded Amber with calls and gifts, and even wrote her a song, begging her to come back. But she stood her ground until he relented to go public.”

Although those rumors remain unsubstantiated, a source for the Daily News confirmed that the couple had been engaging in serious PDA at the concert.

“Johnny and Amber were really touchy-feely when they arrived in a limo,” the source said. “They spent the night hand-in-hand and Johnny was really keen to introduce her to his mates.”

"He’s a big fan of the Stones, especially Keith, and hung around near his dressing room to chat after the show,” the source added. "The party was really A-List so people just let him and Amber be. It was a great atmosphere.”

Whispers of Depp and Heard’s relationship first began circulating shortly after the actor’s split from French actress Vanessa Paradis, his partner of 14 years with whom he has a son and a daughter, in June of 2012. Despite their split, Paradis and Depp reportedly collaborated on her latest album, according to Entertainment Wise.