• "Crimson Desert" will no longer be releasing this year
  • The developers are still working on adding more content to the game
  • "Crimson Desert" is not an MMORPG, contrary to what many gamers think

The release of Pearl Abyss’ ambitious open-world RPG “Crimson Desert” has been pushed back to an unspecified date.

The game’s development has been steadily progressing since it was first revealed in 2019. However, according to a message from the developers shared via Twitter, they want to ensure that the “Crimson Desert” experience is the best it can be while also guarding the health and safety of their team members.

The developers also mentioned that “Crimson Desert” has been rapidly evolving since it was announced, featuring more experiences and adventures than they had originally planned.

“Crimson Desert” was originally scheduled for a winter 2021 release, but the release date has been pushed back indefinitely. The developers will provide fans with an updated schedule in the near future.

Pearl Abyss is a South Korean game developer that’s known for creating “Black Desert Online,” an immensely popular action MMO that focuses on fast, free-flowing, combo-based combat instead of the usual fighting systems found in traditional games in its genre. The game currently has over 11 million players and enjoys over 1 million players every day, according to the MMO Population website.

The company’s success has led many players to believe that “Crimson Desert” is going to be another MMO that will serve as a spiritual successor to “Black Desert Online.” However, Pearl Abyss has clarified that the two games are completely different from each other bar the word “desert” in their titles.

Crimson Desert” is primarily going to be an open-world single-player experience with an optional multiplayer mode where players can play together with their friends. The game takes place in the continent of Pywel, and players will take control of Macduff, a gruff and grizzled mercenary leader who must help his band survive the world’s many dangers.

Combat in “Crimson Desert” is a little less over-the-top compared to its MMO predecessor, but it is still brutal and visceral. Players will wield a host of medieval weaponry and magical spells against a variety of enemies, including large beasts that can be taken down in a style similar to “Dragon’s Dogma.”

Crimson Desert is being developed by Pearl Abyss, the creators of the Black Desert Online MMO Crimson Desert is being developed by Pearl Abyss, the creators of the Black Desert Online MMO Photo: Pearl Abyss