• AMD is set to unveil its next-generation Zen 3 processors
  • AMD 3rd Gen EPYC Milan server processors are all scheduled to launch on March 15
  • Apparently, AMD would release at least 19 SKUs under the series 

AMD finally confirmed its next-generation EPYC Milan CPU launch date, where consumers would learn about the series' specs and price. Ahead of the official unveiling, a recent leak revealed this monster CPU's performance against the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X and the Intel Xeon W-3175X. 

AMD EPYC Milan 3rd Gen Launch Details

AMD officially confirmed that the 3rd Generation EPYC Milan server processors are all scheduled to launch at 8 p.m. PT on March 15. The official unveiling is a digital event with presentations from various executives, including AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su. The company has not revealed many details about the Milan series aside from a tease about its performance during the CES 2021.

The upcoming AMD EPYC Milan CPUs would be the final series to be on the SP3 socket platform, according to Wccftech. The site also shares some of its specs which include 64 cores and 280 TDPs. Apparently, AMD would release at least 19 SKUs under the series. 

Where Gaming Begins | AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processors AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su as she details the highly anticipated AMD Ryzen™ desktop processor lineup powered by the groundbreaking “Zen 3” architecture. Photo: AMD Official YouTube Channel

Rumors have it that the company would introduce three 64 core SKUs, four 32 core SKUs, four 24 core SKUs, four 16 core SKUs, and one 56 core, 48 core, 28 core and 8 core SKUs. Additionally, the processors are reportedly based on TSMC's 7nm process node and expected to feature increased clocks than the 2nd Generation EPYC Rome series.

AMD EPYC Milan Bench Performance

A recent report revealed the Geekbench score of the AMD EPYC 7713 as part of a Capri server from the Taiwanese firm MiTAC. The said processor features the 64 core 128 thread configuration and recorded a maximum frequency of 3.72 GHz. It scored 1, 382 points on single-core and 43, 333 points on multi-core. While the result is theoretical, it is interesting when compared with the performance of other processors.

The AMD 3rd Generation EPYC Milan server processor's score is 73.16% higher than that of the average of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X. It also outperformed the powerful Intel Xeon W-3175X with 28 cores. The AMD EPYC 7713 server CPU has a 100.04% advantage over the Intel Sky Lake-X processor's average score.