• The upcoming AMD Radeon RX6000 GPUs are anticipated to launch on October 28
  • The said launch is probably a hard launch 
  • AMD earlier revealed the design of the AMD Big Navi

There would be ample supply of AMD Radeon RX 6000 series at launch, according to an AMD executive.

AMD Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions Frank Azor recently confirmed in a tweet that there would be an ample supply of the next-generation graphics card series at lunch. The chipmaker has been teasing about its upcoming graphics card lineup. The new AMD Radeon RX 6000 series is anticipated to launch on October 28.

A Twitter user and probably an AMD fan asked on the microblogging site if the October 28 launch would be another paper launch. Frank Azor responded that he was willing to take the user’s bet that the upcoming AMD event would be a paper launch. Azor’s response could mean a couple of things according to Wccftech.

It could be a confirmation that the October 28 AMD event is not a paper launch. Another possibility is that the chipmaker anticipates that it would have more supplies of the AMD Radeon RX6000 at launch. The site claims that AMD is hinting at a hard launch on October 28.

AMD chip
A chip the size of a coin, used in central processing units and a graphic processing units developed by the US-headquartered Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is displayed during a press conference held in Taipei ahead of Computex, Asia's largest IT trade fair, May 24, 2011. SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images

For the uninitiated, when a company announced a launch, it could either be a paper launch or a hard launch. The paper launch is just an announcement with market availability coming later. Meanwhile, a hard launch means the opposite, meaning the product is available with enough supply to meet the consumers’ demand.

As for the specs of the upcoming graphics cards releasing under the AMD Radeon RX6000 lineup, most of these are from rumors and leaks. According to rumors, the AMD Navi 21 based on Radeon RX6900 XT will feature a 16GB of vRAM. Meanwhile, the Navi 22 powered graphics card, which might be called RX 6800 XT will have 12 GB of vRAM.

Based on these specs, it seems that both tiers of graphics cards would have more memory than the Nvidia RTX 3080. The Radeon RX 6900 XT or the Big Navi, on the other hand, is a dual-slot card with an LED-lit Radeon logo. The said graphics card would reportedly feature a dual 8-pin connector, USB-C two DisplayPort connections and a single HDMI connection.