• Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are scheduled to arrive on November 10
  • Microsoft reportedly has a new but minor feature that might save gamers from annoyingly waiting for games to download and install
  • This feature could also allow gamers to download titles before they could even go live

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will reportedly allow owners to download any game ahead of its launch regardless if they have been pre-ordered from the Xbox store.

The latest information came from Jerko Cilas who shared the recently discovered Xbox Series X capability on Twitter. The feature was activated when he downloaded using the Android version of the Xbox mobile app that is currently in beta. This means that Xbox Series X owners could install the data for any game that they want even if they don’t own it.

This is not a big deal for digital-only gaming console users considering that digital pre-loads have become a standard. However, for those still purchasing discs, it is a heaven-sent because it means users could pre-load the full game along with its updates before reaching the disc. Also, it allows digital console users to download titles that would be on games with Gold or Game Pass before they could go live.

While this feature could look like a minor tweak when looking at a grand scale of things, it is a crucial tool for gamers when titles take a very long time to download or install from disc. Gamers could pre-order the game from a retailer, download from Microsoft and get updates as soon as they are available.

This feature is a part of Microsoft’s newly revamped Xbox app for mobile. The app is currently in a beta release and will adopt the new UI design that would be released on all current-generation consoles as well as on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. One of the upcoming features allows users to set up a new console using the smartphone app.

The app also comes with Remote Play streaming from Xbox consoles that enable the long-awaited feature. Unlike Cloud Streaming on Xbox Game Pass, it is not a separate but connected app but streaming from the console that users own. This particular feature enables the Xbox app to pass through Apple’s iOS rules and certification.