Grace Vanderwaal
Grace Vanderwaal received an award at the Radio Disney Music Awards 2017. Pictured: Grace Vanderwaal attends the “America’s Got Talent” Season 11 Live Show at The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on Aug. 30, 2016. Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

“America’s Got Talent” Season 11 winner Grace Vanderwaal recently performed two of her original songs at the closing ceremony of the Special Olympics in Austria.

On her Instagram account, the 13-year-old singer shared a photo from her recent performance and revealed that she sang “I Don’t Know My Name” and “Light the Sky.” Both songs were first performed by Vanderwaal when she competed in the hit NBC reality TV competition. After winning several rounds, the young talent was eventually declared the grand winner. At the time, she brought home $1 million. She also headlined four shows in Las Vegas.

A few weeks after her win, Vanderwaal signed a contract with Simon Cowell’s record label, SyCo Records, which is under Sony Music. Months after she signed with a recording company, Vanderwaal released her EP, “Perfectly Imperfect,” in December. The album consisted of five original songs, four of which she had performed on the show. The fifth song, “Gossip Girl,” is the track that she most proud of.

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While speaking with Rolling Stone, Vanderwaal explained what “Gossip Girl” is all about. “I had a lot of those fake friends. You just have to realize that it’s happening. You can’t get caught up in the ‘Oh, my God, they want to be my friend finally’ aspect,’” she said.

Meanwhile, Vanderwaal is currently working on her first full-length album that she hopes will be released in September.

While speaking with Bustle, the “Clay” singer said that the upcoming album will have a more mature theme. “It’s kind of a work in progress. It’s not even close to done, but it’s coming up and I’m so excited about it. It’s gonna be the fun, cool, awesome one. I’m really excited. I want to put a little more into this one, a little more depth,” she said.