• Players who want to play "Among Us" mods and custom mini-games can try the Vampire mod
  • The "Among Us" vampire mod enables impostors to kill using a modified Kill Cooldown timer 
  • A vampire impostor gains two new and unique abilities, which are Bat and Bloodrush.

Vampires are powerful creatures. While "Among Us" is a multiplayer social deduction game, developers like Sub & Fletch were able to create a mod that turns impostors into exactly like that -- vampires. For players who want to know how to play this mod, YouTuber SSundee shows how it is done, while this guide takes care of all the details.

What Is The Vampire Mod In "Among Us"

The "Among Us" Vampire enables impostors to kill using a modified Kill Cooldown timer that gets shorter after every successful kill. Impostors can also transform into a bat that can pass through walls easily in this mod. While flying as a bat, impostors will not have any identifying information, which gives them some sort of anonymity and stealth. They also have the ability to see crewmates' locations, which makes it easier for them to track their victims.

How To Play The Vampire Mod

In this mod, a player assigned to be the impostor automatically becomes the Vampire. With this role, the impostor gains two new and unique abilities, which are Bat and Bloodrush. Impostors can only kill when they are in Bloodrush mode, but it only lasts for 30 seconds. While in this mode, impostors can see the location of other players on the minimap. In Bloodrush mode, every time impostors kill, they get a ten-second deduction to their Kill Cooldown.

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Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, the bat ability allows impostors to transform into a bat at will. This ability does not have a cooldown or time limit, which means impostors can use it anytime they want. While they could not be identified while flying as a bat, crewmates can catch them if they transform back into their player's character.

On the other hand, Crewmates still need to complete their tasks, but with the overpowered impostor, they are most likely at a disadvantage. The key in playing "Among Us" Vampire mod is for crewmates to take note of the bat and cautiously wait for it to transform into its player's character. To see how fun the Vampire mod is, players can check out this video from SSundee and his friends.