• "Genshin Impact" Update 1.3 is now live
  • The new update introduces an event called Tower Mechanicus
  • One of the event's rewards allows players to pick a four-star character of their choice

Chinese gaming studio miHoYo recently announced that the Theater Mechanicus tower defense event for "Genshin Impact" was live. Among the wealth of mechanics introduced via update 1.3, this one is perhaps the most interesting. Aside from being an entertaining diversion, players get the Peace Talismans after completing the challenge.

How To Play Theater Mechanicus

The new tower defense event is only available to players who have completed the Origin of the Lanterns quest and a Liyue Mechanicus quest. Also, players need one Xiao Lantern for each run of Theater Mechanicus. They can craft Xiao Lantern at any Crafting Bench in "Genshin Impact."

The latest event could be played solo or co-op, with one or two players defending an area against surges of tough opponents. Players can use turrets to attack the incoming enemies to earn points. These points are used to purchase boosts called Mystic Arts.

*SPOILER ALERT* Lantern Rite Footage from Genshin Impact: Mingxiao Convergence
We may not know where our wishes will end up. But together, they will light up the night sky and turn it as bright as day. Genshin Impact official YouTube Channel

Before the wave of attacks commences, players will have an idea of where the enemies would come and go. The aim is to use Veneficus Points to create Mechanici on the path before the time to defeat the enemies runs out. Players will also have the idea of how many enemies will show up before a wave starts.

For every level players complete, more difficult stages of the Festive Fever challenge will unlock. Completing these challenges allows players to upgrade their turrets with new weapons and powers. Playing Theater Mechanicus levels rewards players with Peace talismans that they could use in the upcoming Stand by Me event.

Other Details

With 1,000 Peace Talismans, players could get a four-star character of their choice during the Stand by Me event. They could pick either Beidou, Ningguang, Xingqiu, Chongyun, Xinyan, or Xiangling to be one of their allies. The Theater Mechanicus event in " Genshin Impact" starts on Feb.10 and will be available in the game until Feb.28.

"Genshin Impact" is available on various gaming platforms. Gamers can enjoy this ARPG title on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android devices. The game is currently in development for Nintendo Switch and PS5 but its official release on these gaming systems is still unknown.