• InnerSloth released more information about the Airship map recently
  • The developer promised that new content is coming to "Among Us"
  • It also teased a new feature in the new "Among Us" map

While the developer is still silent about the specific release date of the Airship map in "Among Us," it recently teased several details about the incoming location in the game, including something that would betray players.

On its official Twitter account, "Among Us" shared a brief teaser showcasing the Airshipmap. "You've heard of being betrayed by your friends when the airship map drops get ready for: being betrayed by one (1) moving platform," the tweet reads. Looking at the teaser, it seems that a moving platform will play a vital role in how the map would be navigated.

In the video, fans can see a couple of possible scenarios where players could use the moving platform. One is shown in the area of the Airship map called the Gap Room. the platform moves back and forth between opposing floor segments. When the player standing on the side near the platform steps in, it ferries them to the other part of the map.

Among Us
Among Us Innersloth

However, if the player is on the side where the platform is seemingly attached to the other side of the wall, it will not come to the player but stays still on its location. Based on the video, there are ladders in the Airship map which, presumably, players could use regardless if the platform moves or not. At this point, there is no clue if this platform is triggered when players step on it or there is another way to activate it.

The moving platform seems to be a convenient way to move around the map. However, it could also prove very dangerous for crewmates. While it does get players from one place to another, it seems slow. Also, it could get the crewmates killed if in case the impostor saw the crewmate using the platform and waits on the side where the platform stops.

Hopefully, InnerSloth will reveal more details about the Airship map soon. While waiting for the new content, "Among Us" players can also try and experience the growing numbers of mini-games or custom games within the popular multiplayer social deduction title. They can try the Doctor mode, the Hide and Seek mode, the Sheriff mode or the Pronoun mode, among others.