• "Among Us" is an online social deduction game from Innersloth
  • It was released in 2018
  • The game gained traction in 2020
  • It anticipates the release of a new map this year

"Among Us" fans have a lot to look forward to this year as Innersloth is committed to introducing more content to provide a whole new level of gaming experience.

The indie game developer recently posted an update on its official website, detailing some of its plans this year, the Airship map and the reasons why it is taking them too long to roll out new content to the social deduction game. Innersloth confirmed that it planned to introduce Accounts in the game last year but reconsidered to ensure that it's not "half-baked."

The developer revealed that the first update for Accounts, which it intends to release as soon as possible, will focus on moderation. For the developer, Accounts is a means to make sure that everyone playing "Among Us" will feel safe and have a "welcoming experience."

Among Us Single Player
"Among Us" Single Player is an unofficial game mode created by KlopityL. KlopityL/

Innersloth also revealed the reason why it's taking too long before the next update. Aside from being short on manpower, it spent a couple of months restructuring and working behind-the-scene tasks. While it resulted in slower update releases, it believes that the streamlining effort would pay-off in the long run and would make the development a lot easier for the entire team.

It also mentioned that it aims to be more transparent with its community in terms of its plans and what it wants to release in the game.

The developer might release a public road map soon but it will not have dates until it is certain that it could achieve them. As for the new Airship map, Innersloth said that it will introduce all-new tasks for crewmates to finish and all-new rooms for players to explore. It previously hinted at a new form of betrayal, which could be brought by a moving platform.

"Among Us" is one of the unexpected titles to surge in popularity in 2020. The game was officially released in 2018 and at one point, the developer almost decided to move on to its next project. Players can enjoy the social deduction game on PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.