Amy Schumer (3rd right) thanked her sister Kim Caramele (2nd left) after winning an Emmy for "Inside Amy Schumer" at the 2015 Emmys Sunday. Also pictured (from left): producers Tony Hernandez, Kevin Kane and Steven Ast and writer Hallie Cantor. Getty Images

Comedy Central's “Inside Amy Schumer” walked away with the win for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series at the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday night. And while comedic actress Amy Schumer leads the show, the 34-year-old made sure to give credit to her sister, writer Kim Caramele, both onstage and backstage at the event.

During a press conference attended by International Business Times reporter Monica Castillo, Schumer opened up about the females that help her in both her professional and personal life. Schumer said she owes the support of many women to her success. “My best friends are mostly female comics, I’m still friends with all my friends from high school, my sister. I’m lucky to be around a really strong, supportive group of women."

The “Trainwreck” star says she has also received generous support from female fans. “Every woman that I walk past on the Upper West Side from 13 years old to 73, saying, ‘keep going Amy!’ Yeah, I feel very [supported by] woman. So yeah, I would attribute a lot to them.”

In spite of all of her support, Schumer says she was most excited to celebrate with her sister, Kim, after “Inside Amy Schumer” won at the Emmys. During her acceptance speech, Schumer thanked her sibling for being the “only reason” she’s “alive and breathing.”

“When I won I just thought I can’t wait to hug my sister which is exactly the first thing I did. And then, I was sitting in a separate spot from the writers because I’m really famous, so it was so exciting to see them all onstage and just be like, 'Wow, we’re all such a group of dirt bags.’ It’s really fun that we’re here.”

Despite walking away with a win, Amy said her favorite moment during Sunday night's show with presenting with former “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler. The comedic duo presented the first award of the night for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy, which ultimately went to "Mom" star Allison Janney.

“She’s the best,” Schumer said of her peer. “And like that I could stand there and talk s--t with her and Tina [Fey] for a minute at the commercial break. That’s like, oh, my life’s a dream right now.”

As for whether or not she had plans to “hook up” with Fey during an Emmy after-party, Schumer said nothing was off-limits. “Honestly anyone whose willing,” she joked. “I brought my own lube.”

Watch Schumer’s 2015 Emmy acceptance speech below:

“Inside Amy Schumer” returns to Comedy Central in 2016.