The T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 is now updating to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. TMonews

The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 continues with the T-Mobile Note 2 now receiving the update. T-Mobile has yet to announce the update; however, several users reported receiving the update as early as Monday. Notably, T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 2 changelog was last modified on Dec. 9, but no updated information about Android 4.3 was added.

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 is the third U.S. Note 2 model to receive Android 4.3. The Sprint Galaxy Note 2 was first to update in November. Just days ago, the U.S. Cellular Galaxy Note 2 updated to Android 4.3, and at that time it remained uncertain when the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 would update. Now only the AT&T and Verizon Note 2 models are left to update. When these models will receive Android 4.3 is still unknown, but the back-to-back updates of the U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile Note 2 models could indicate that the last two models may update soon. In addition to the U.S. models, the international and Canadian Galaxy Note 2 models have also updated to Android 4.3.

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 update comes one week after its intended release date, according to the leaked Android 4.3 rollout timeline. The timeline has proved to be an unreliable source as most Samsung Galaxy models did not update on time, but this seems to be largely due to the major bug issues that plagued the Android 4.3 update for Galaxy devices. Many devices including the international Galaxy S3 and several U.S. Galaxy S4 models had their updates postponed to address issues, but updates have since resumed.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 appears to have largely evaded any problems with Android 4.3 simply because the device did not receive the update until after Samsung began fixing bugs; however, there have been some murmurs that post-update bugs have continued on several Samsung Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3.

According to reports, the models having the most issues are Sprint Galaxy. The Sprint Galaxy S3 is supposedly having issues with videos skipping in apps such as Netflix and Chrome. The Sprint Galaxy Note 2 is supposedly having issues with battery life and data connections. Notably, we updated a T-Mobile Galaxy S4 to Android 4.3 two weeks ago and have not encountered any major issues. Many sources have noted that issues could persist on Galaxy devices, even though Samsung has attempted to fix them. Users who are concerned about possible post-update issues may want to hold off on updating their T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 handset until more information becomes available.

The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Note 2 includes Galaxy Gear support and the Samsung KNOX security system. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will also receive many features, which originated on the Galaxy S4 in this Android 4.3, including an updated user interface, keyboard, and notification center; new camera modes; and the move-to-SD-card feature, among many others.

The T889UVUCMK7 build firmware is currently available over the air. As always, users can check for the update manually by accessing Settings > About device > Software update.

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