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Android O has officially been unveiled as Android 8.0 Oreo, which only means one thing: It’s time for Android enthusiasts to forget all about Oreo and begin speculating as to what Google will call its next Android operating system. Suggestions are already circulating with Android Central having shared Thursday, a rundown of potential Android P nicknames.

Petit Four, Pound Cake, Popsicle? It will be a full year before we actually know. However, the launch of Android Oreo is a perfect opportunity to once again explain the method behind Google’s madness and why Android nicknames are not desserts per say, but rather tasty treats.


Android Central shared some interesting suggestions for the Android P nickname, and I threw my own suggestion into the ring: Poptart. This sparked a (not so) lively debate and ultimately inspired this explainer.

My "lively" debate with Phil Nolan (フィル)‏ @PhilNolan3D Screencap

What exactly is a tasty treat, you might ask? It’s a particular type of sugary junk food an Android developer might crave during a long night of coding. But don’t just take my word for it -- let’s hear from Google’s Senior Vice President of Platforms & Ecosystems, Hiroshi Lockheimer. He explained the concept in a video, which was released in conjunction with Android 6.0 Marshmallow in 2015.

So, as you see, I don’t make the rules, I just obsessively follow the rule makers as my profession. Never mind that Android Central suggested “Pancake” as an Android P nickname. While breakfast for dinner is certainly a thing, pancakes don’t necessarily fall into the dessert category either. However, they could very well be considered a tasty treat.

Things heat up with Thilan Nanayakkara‏ @ThilanNana jumps in Screencap

Dessert, tasty treat, call them whatever you like -- but of the 13 official Android nicknames, many are not “traditional desserts” in the strictest use of the term. However, they are all tasty and they are all treats. Let’s review, at least based on my humble opinion.

Thanks for the backup, Android Central. Screencap

Less commonly eaten as dessert

While often an ingredient in more elaborate desserts, they tend to not stand alone in that particular category.
Honeycomb (I mean, we don't really talk about this one, but yeah...)
Jelly Bean (when was the last time you ate jelly beans for dessert?)

More commonly eaten as dessert

Can stand alone as an after-meal course.
Ice Cream Sandwich

Phil Nolan and Thilan Nanayakkara almost go at it Screencap

Just to reiterate, they're not "just a treat," they're "tasty treats."


My suggestions for future Android Nicknames

Android P: Poptart

Android Q: Quik (I'm aware of the rebranding, but work with me)

Android R: Red Velvet

Android S: Sundae

Android T: Taffy

Android U: Uh oh, Oreo (we had Froyo, Second Helping, I'm just saying)

Android V: Vanilla

Android W: Waffle

Android X: Xmas Cookie (I'm trying here!)

Android Y: Yoo-hoo

Android Z: Zebra Cake

My excitement was deciding to immortalize this exchange in a story Screencap
Thilan Nanayakkara‏ @ThilanNana "putting me in my place" Screencap