Some Pixel 2 users are complaining about an Android 8.1 Oreo update bug that’s plaguing multi-touch when they are playing games. Google has since acknowledged the problem, but a fix for the bug is still not available.

Just this past Wednesday, a Google Pixel 2 user raised his concern with the Oreo software update via the Pixel User Community. According to the user with the handle Mohit Srivastava141785, he is experiencing some multi-touch problems with FPS games since updating his smartphone to Android 8.1 Oreo.

“I have tested this on ‘Guns of Boom’ and ‘Dead Trigger 2’ and the multitouch responses will randomly go crazy and I cannot control the aim especially in ‘Guns of Boom,’ it’s not as bad in ‘Dead Trigger 2’ but still there. This was not present in 8.0,” the user said.

Another user with the handle BryanC_85 also noticed the issue and chimed in: “This is extremely annoying. I do a bit of gaming and that’s pretty much impossible now.” BryanC_85 then added that the problem was actually reported during the developer preview, but it was ‘deferred to a future release.’”

The same user shared a link to a report he submitted in the Android system issue tracker, which read: “Multi-touch issue in games. When 2 fingers are placed on the screen in landscape mode, if one finger is left stationary and the other finger is slowly moved to cross the axis of the other, touch event from moving finger will become erratic at times. Sometimes it also occurs randomly while multiple fingers are left on the screen without crossing axis, but that generally triggers it.”

Phone Arena has a simpler explanation on what the Android 8.1 Oreo bug is about. According to the online news site, the bug causes the display of some Pixel 2 units to shake and jump when users touch their device’s screen with multiple fingers. The bug is said to be very evident when playing FPS games or when a user is motioning pinch-to-zoom.

A video shared on YouTube (found below) shows the annoying bug in action.

Google is already aware of the issue based on the responses affected users got in the Pixel User Community. Community Specialist Rachael has responded to Mohit and Bryan’s reports saying, “Based on the information that you provided I understand that your Pixel 2 screen doesn’t seem to register touch after 20 to 30 minutes of gaming. I’d like to let you know that I’m discussing with my team on this aspect and shall get back to you soon with an update.”

Community Manager Orrin has also revealed that he is currently investigating the matter. “Thanks for the reports and for sending feedback. I’m digging into this, and will keep you posted with any other information I can get.”