HTC is still committed to its smartphone business despite its struggle to sell its new handsets. In fact, the Taiwanese manufacturer has agreed to bring Google’s latest mobile operating system update to some of its smartphones.

On Friday, HTC took to Twitter to announce which of its newer handsets are getting the Android 9.0 Pie treatment soon. Unfortunately, only four models have been confirmed to be getting the update. They are the U12+, U11, U11+ and U11 life, which is an Android One smartphone.

So far, HTC has only confirmed that the Android Pie update is coming to the four handsets. The company doesn’t have exact dates for each rollout yet. It assured fans, nonetheless, that timeframes for the release of the update will be announced when the time comes.

Following the announcement, some HTC fans couldn’t help but feel disappointed that the HTC 10, which was released in 2016, won’t be getting the 9.0 update. “Such a shame. HTC 10 is a good piece of hardware which from what I’ve seen has been doomed / deserted by the buggy Oreo 8.0 upgrade and very sad battery performance. Great news for the new phones. A sad day for HTC 10,” Twitter user @BennyBoyTweet wrote.

It’s a given that most Android OEMs support 2-year update guarantee. However, HTC has chosen to prioritize four models out of the many devices it released in the past two years. Some fans are particularly displeased that handsets like the U Ultra, U Play and U11 Eyes aren’t included in the list even though the first two were released in 2017 and the third model launched in January of this year.

Android P was officially released early this week. The software update first became available for Google Pixel devices and the Essential Phone. The update is then expected to arrive on more smartphones that are releasing this year and next year.

On Google’s official webpage for the Android 9.0 Pie update, the search engine giant highlighted how the new software harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to offer more to users. The update is also said to be smarter and faster than its predecessor.