Google Android reigns smartphone market:
For Google, the Garner report paints a similarly-favorable picture to the firm's recent report on the smartphone market. Gartner estimates that Android will run on 49% of the world's smartphones by 2012. Android, Inc.

Have Google's Android music streaming plans finally been unveiled?

Tech From 10 was able to gain access to the software after what seems like an accidental release from Google. The app appears to be a developer version of the Android Music player, which looks and feels much like the version of the application available for the Honeycomb-based Xoom tablet.

The leak comes not long after hackers uncovered hints of Google's music locker service embedded in Android Honeycomb. The cloud-based service allows users to store music on Google's servers and access them remotely. Amazon revealed similar functionality in its announcement of the Amazon Cloud Player, which was launched last week.

Tests were unable to activate the Google Music player's cloud streaming, which Google is widely expected to announce within the coming months.