A new malware called “Mazar” has been identified that can affect Android devices. The malware is said to be so powerful that it can gain access to personal information of the user as well as has the ability to delete all the data present on the device.

According to BBC, a Danish security company called Heimdal has found the new malicious malware that can access admin rights of the user and steal personal data. Mazar can spread to other devices through SMS. The malware can read, send and delete text messages and it can also make phone calls even to premium numbers.

Heimdal has revealed that the malware has already infected nearly 10,000 Android devices in Denmark. However, it is not known as to how many devices may have been infected outside Denmark.

One needs to be aware of the fact that only those Android devices on which users have allowed installation of untrusted apps through Settings can be affected by Mazar. Users, who are unaware of this feature present inside the Settings, are probably safe because Google prevents installation of apps from unknown sources by default.

As mentioned above, Mazar spread through SMS that appears to be legitimate and contains a link. If a user access the link, it prompts to install Tor on the device. Tor is a service that enables users to anonymously connect to the internet. It is a good tool for privacy but hackers also make use of it to transfer malicious software to the user’s device without getting detected.

Heimdal has added that Mazar mainly infects devices with Android 4.4 KitKat. However, it is not known whether Lollipop and Marshmallow OS powered devices can be infected by Mazar.

To stay safe from Mazar, users are advised to install reputed apps only from the Google Play Store. Also, any message that contains URL to unsolicited sources should be ignored.