At the Google I/O 2016 event, the search engine giant unveiled the details of the several new features that will be available on the final edition of Android N OS. The vice-president of engineering with Google, Dave Burke also confirmed on the Android N release timeframe at the event.

Burke revealed that the Android N release date would be set in late summer this year. It means that Google will be announcing its new Android version earlier this year.

In the previous years, Google had followed a pattern of announcing Android versions in October. At present, the search engine tech giant has now made the beta version of Android N available for download. It is the third Android N Developer Preview.

Currently, the preview build is unavailable for non-Nexus devices. Since it is not a final build, it contains bugs. Before the final edition of Android N, Google is poised to release two more Android N Developer Preview builds. According to Google, its Android N Developer Previews are being tested on daily basis by many developers and it has received overwhelming response, The Verge reported.

Two of the major improvements that have arrived on Android N are Vulkan graphics API and runtime performance. Vulkan efficiently improves the graphics performance. The compiler present in Android N works 75 percent than before and it has made it possible to cut down on the storage space required for installing apps on the device.

For productivity, it brings the all new split-screen mode and “Clear All” button for dismissing all the active apps. Android N now allows users to directly respond to messages in the notification area. It also brings along 70+ new emojis. It carries natives support for VR (Virtual Reality). All in all, Android N has over 250 new features and improvements.