OnePlus has rolled out a new update for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T users. The Android Nougat-based Hydrogen OS 3.0 brings bug fixes, performance improvements and extends battery life, and is expected to be a significant improvement over the previous Oxygen OS 4.0.1 and Oxygen OS 4.0.2 updates. It also adds a new call recording facility to the devices and brings UI changes for a cleaner interface.

The Hydrogen OS 3.0 ROM is designed for the Chinese version of the devices, but can also be easily installed by users from other countries via recovery. Users can flash the new firmware on their devices.

Note: International Business Times cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong. Users should proceed at their own risk.

Since the ROM is designed with the Chinese market in mind, Google apps haven’t been included in the software package, so global users will have to find a Gapps package and flash it if they lose their pre-existing Google apps during the software update. The ROM comes in both Chinese and English languages and might include some Chinese apps which global users may not find useful.

We would advise you to backup all your data and apps before you go for the update since you might risk losing it all. Also, make sure your device is charged up to at least 80 percent battery before you install the update.

The software package’s size is 1.2GB. Interested user can grab the update from OnePlus or XDA. While OnePlus isn’t offering a separate Play Store installer, XDA is offering one which sideloads rather than needing you to flash the device.

OnePlus held a poll on its forum asking users which ROM they like better between Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS, in which around 30 percent of the participants opted for Hydrogen OS.