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Uninstalling an app is all it takes to get 20 percent additional battery life on any Android device. Pictured above: Android-powered LG G Flex 2. REUTERS/STEVE MARCUS

A Reddit user has jotted down a sure-shot way to gain additional 20 percent battery life on any Android handset. All it takes is to uninstall a power-hungry, widely-used app.

As it turns out, Facebook app is the culprit that messes with the battery life. Reddit user “pbrandes_eth” apparently tested the app’s influence on the performance of an LG G4 smartphone.

Once he got rid of the Facebook app from the G4, the battery life reportedly lasted 20 percent longer. To top it off, apps apparently opened 15 percent faster.

Not long ago, the tech blogger Russell Holly said Facebook is bad for Android phones. Following which, this Reddit user did the experimentation, analysis and documented the findings. He has also written extensively about how this analysis was done in the same Reddit post.

Facebook - Android Battery
Uninstalling Facebook app speeds up Android handsets, says a Reddit user. Reddit/pbrandes_eth

In general, Facebook app eats up power even when it runs at the background i.e. when it is not active. Upon uninstalling the app, services like Android system and Android OS reportedly used less battery power.

The Reddit user has also pointed out that, even if Facebook does not get listed as a power-hungry app in the “Android battery statistics,” this app apparently consumes more power at the background.

Meanwhile, The Guardian tested the same scenario using a Huawei Nexus 6P and found out that the Reddit user was correct.


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