nokia x
Nokia X unveiling at MWC 2014. Wikipdia

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is developing its second generation of Android-powered devices, indicating that the Nokia mobile division it acquired late last year won’t be negatively affected by the differences in the Windows and Android software platforms.

Microsoft plans to release successors to the Nokia X Android line that released in February. According to BGR India, the open-source version of Android that will be implemented in these devices will use Windows-specific apps such as Outlook, Bing and Nokia Maps instead of Google services such as Gmail, Google search and Google maps. Nokia has also developed its own app store to be used instead of Google’s Play Store.

The previously released Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL feature similar Windows and Nokia-centered apps. The major difference between the previous generation and the upcoming generation of the Nokia X Android line is that the latter will feature a dedicated home button, a feature that consumers have reportedly requested. The devices will also be priced for affordability.

Notably, this venture does not mean that Microsoft is switching its own Windows Phone line to the Android operating system. The new the Nokia X Android line will release alongside the new Windows Phone line, BGR reports. Manufacturers involved in with upcoming Windows Phones include LG Electronics Inc, Huawei Technology Co Ltd, Lenovo Group Limited, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., ZTE and HTC Corp; these devices will run Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 software.

It is not known whether Microsoft plans to develop any Android phones with other manufactures.

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