Security for devices like smartphones and tablets is a great concern. Hence Webroot, the internet security firm, is bringing out two mobile security apps for both Android smartphones and tablets.

Lately as many as 260,000 Android-based devices were affected due to malware. With Android devices overtaking iOS, RIM and Symbian based devices; security has become a major concern.

Webroot's Mobile Security for Android is available in the Android Market for free. the premium full-featured option of Webroot Mobile Security for Android is priced at $14.99 a year, which will protect Android devices against malware and dangerous web sites. Recovery of lost handsets and blocking unwanted communication are also among its features.

This product relies on cloud-based URL scanning to assess the safety of website links and block threats before users click on them. Additionally, the security system scans applications before being installed. One security feature is deletion of contact information, text messages and personal data if the device gets stolen. The paid version has the remote wipe and the app inspector, but it is available only via Best Buy. The premium version will be available in next 30 days.

One unusual feature that is included, if the users forgot their passwords, that is a special command will send a temporary access code to a trusted friend. The owners of the device can track its location, as the map shows where it is located and a loud alert is sounded once the person is in range of the system.